Aug 22, 2010

5 of 26: Rachel Bell

Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship: 5 of 26
toy, polymer clay, non-toxic resin, found fishing line
5cm, 5cm, 3cm

July 17, 2010
Dear Rachel:

Please accept this piece, Jewellery on the brink of a relationship: July 16 – July 29, 2010, as a token of my gratitude. I have enjoyed observing you and your practice where thinking and making live so closely. 

My contemporary jewellery projects examine relationships and alternative forms of exchange.  In this project, I have decided to make 'thank you notes' in the form of jewellery.  I will send 20 other thank you notes out over approximately a year.  You are one of the special twenty-six.

I respect the time and thought you give each piece, and admire your commitment to experimentation even when it bucks commercial trends.  Your voice is strong in its considered making and depth of thought.  Long live the soft spoken makers! It has been a treat to watch your quite rebellion unfold in the form of jewellery.

Jewellery on the brink of a relationship: 5 of 26
July 16 – July 29, 2010

Thank You,