Jan 25, 2010

4 of 26: Mom

Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship: 4 of 26
Silver, non-toxic resin
3cm, 1.5cm

January 15, 2009
Dear Mom:

Please accept this piece, Jewellery on the brink of a relationship: January 15 – January 28, 2010, as a token of my gratitude. You are my supreme influence.

My contemporary jewellery projects examine relationships and alternative forms of exchange.  I blame you for this.  In this project, I have decided to make ‘thank you notes’ in the form of jewellery.  Every fortnight for a year, I will send another thank you out.  You are one of the special twenty-six recipients.

Thank you for instilling in me this undying love of projects.  It seems it is quite a strong trait of the Howard ladies.  I cannot remember a time when you were without “a project”.  The enthusiasm and Pollyanna view of the world you have instilled in me is the best gift in the world.  Who needs punctuality?  Now which project are we up to?

Jewellery on the brink of a relationship: 4 of 26
January 15 – January 28, 2009

Thank You,

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh, Kristin!
    What candy for the eyes and imagination!

    Well, a nice package was waiting for me last evening when I got home!
    What fun, the interesting typed card about the brooch per fortnight.

    I am honored to be one of your 26, Kris. - Thank you.